Daily Creativity: Rory as Ms Marvel

Daily Creativity: Rory as Ms MarvelDaily Creativity: Rory as Ms Marvel

I love Ms Marvel, and so does Rory. Especially the latest incarnation of Kamala Kahn. She is awesome and cool and a total fangirl. I have done many pieces of Rory as various superheroes and today I did this one. I love the pose he takes and the bold look at the viewer. I think Rory and Kamala would be great friends and I could see them fighting crime and saving the world together, as long as he wasn’t distracted by a meal. He at least wants her autograph. Watercolor Painting on watercolor paper.

Daily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as Batman

Daily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as BatmanDaily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as Batman

May I introduces BatRAWR! The world’s cutest detective!

Tonight a friend was hosting a Paint the Night (ish) even online. We all got together to paint or do something creative (some did crafts, some wrote, some designed games), and raise money for MS. You can donate to Janelle’s team by clicking here BTW. So I painted Rory as the caped crusader. Part because I saw Lego Batman this week and loved it, and part because I haven’t painted Rory yet this lent. I drew him, but not painted. I painted in watercolor because I think they look best for this type of piece, Rory as a superhero.

Daily Creativity: Rory as Spiderman – SpiderRAWR!

Daily Creativity: Rory as Spiderman – SpiderRAWR!

Rory as Spiderman - SpiderRAWR - Daily CreativitySpiderRAWR, SpiderRAWR Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web any size Catches sheep just like flies
Look out, here comes the SpiderRAWR!

SpiderRAWR, SpiderRAWR Friendly neighborhood, Spiderdragon
Wealth and fame, he ignores a full tum is his reward
To him, life’s a great big bang up Whenever there’s a hang up
You’ll find the Spiderdragon!

Another in a series of Rory as comic book characters, this character was requested last year by Tim. I finally figured out the best way to draw this. You can see the black and white ink version before I added the color below. I like both versions, I’m starting to really like the basic black and white drawings I’m doing in ink, still, I think a comic book character needs colors, at least four colors ;) Ink and Watercolor on paper.

Rory as Spiderman work in progress If you’d like get your hands on some of my original art check our my Patreon Page and snatch up one of the limited reward levels

Daily Creativity: A Kar’Mas Batman! 2015

Batman watercolorBATMAN! I painted this for JRD of Flash Pulp for this year’s Kar’Mas gift exchange. I know Jurd is a fan of Batman, like a big, one, like me, so I thought I’d paint him a watercolor of Batman protecting the city. Watercolor notecard.

Daily Creativity: Rory as Hawkeye aka RawrEye!

Rory-Hawkeye-RawrEye-smRory as Hawkeye aka RawrEye is the last of my Lent project of Daily Creativity and the last of the main Avengers series for Rory. Not to worry, there will still come Loki, Dare Devil, Gambit, and other comic book heroes coming, as well as more creations. Watercolor and ink on paper. 4/3/2015