Daily Creativity: Aikido Mice

Daily Creativity: Aikido Mice

Daily Creativity: Aikido MiceAikido Mice was inspired by tonight’s activities. Along with some other members of our Dojo we dojo stormed a neighboring dojo about an hour and a half away. We were invited to attend classes to celebrate their 20 year anniversary. It was amazing, as always. Also there were 4 dojos in attendance. We just had so much fun and I’m still hyped up. Also, their juniors reminded me of mice.

ink on paper.

Daily Creativity: Body Positive Conversation Hearts

Daily Creativity: Body Positive Conversation Hearts

Daily Creativity: Body Positive Conversation Hearts

Conversation hearts in honor of Valentines day. I’m not a big fan of Valentines day because of the pressure it seems to put on people. It’s one of those things, when you are single you think, if I was with someone this would be a great day. Yet when you are with someone the pressure that is put on this holiday can be overwhelming. You end up feeling bad about yourself no matter your relationship status. When I was a kid I loved Valentines day because my mother would sneak chocolates under our pillows. We would wake up to a tiny sample of chocolates. It wasn’t much, just enough to make us feel special. My first year out of the house I was living with my sister and my mom arranged for her to put my chocolate sample under my pillow that first year. It was awesome and made me feel really special. That is the kind of stuff I love, yet most of what you hear about this day, is pressure. Pressure to be in a relationship. Pressure to show someone how much you care. Pressure to feel like you partner has done enough to show that they care. It’s frustrating and while both my partner and I know this is a made up holiday and don’t really celebrate it, I see this continue to hurt a lot of other people. Instead of focusing on relationships I thought I would focus on self love. I asked for some suggestions from a Fat Acceptance group I belong to on Facebook to help me come up with some empowering conversation hearts. Some of these are my own, and some are important to others. I would buy a whole box of these.

Fountain pen Ink and digital pastels.

Welcome to my 2018 Lent project of Daily Creativity!

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Inspired by this post on facebook I created this Love Your Body piece. I loved how the two bodies intertwined. Normally I do these pieces as solo figures, but this one felt so intense to me. Sharing of two bodies, each loving the other till they become one. I think my line drawing worked really well with this piece.

Ink on paper.

Peppermint Pony! Not technically a Daily Creativity

Daily Creativity: Peppermint PonyPeppermint Pony

This Peppermint Pony was a commission by the same person who commissioned the Penguinaut last year. This is for the new knitting team name. When I was given the inspiration of ponies of course my mind went one place. I did this with markers because I wanted the color to be bright and cheerful. Thanks to Tek for reminding me to add a cutie mark. I had almost forgot and I knew something was missing. This doesn’t count as a Daily Creativity piece because I this is the result of many sketches that I dismissed before settling on this one, and it took longer than a day to make. Still, Daily Creativity has become the label and tag I post most of the art under, so I feel like it still fits into that tag. Ink on paper.

Daily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys Easter

Daily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys EasterDaily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys Easter

Who doesn’t like a chocolate bunny? Rory loves them. Concluding this year’s lent I finish with a pice of the world’s cutest dragon enjoying the spoils that often we avoid during lent. Growing up we always had a really good chocolate bunny in our basket. It was something that was a big treat because it was always fine chocolate. Unlike our Christmas Santa, this bunny wasn’t hollow either. The question always was, do you eat it all on Easter? Or do you savor it over time? A word to the wise, don’t savor too long, opened chocolate goes bad. Plus there is the added risk of a sibling finding where you hid your candy and eating it on you. With 8 siblings, this was always a danger. I chose to savor though, and often too long and had to throw away turned chocolate. At least the jelly beans were plentiful. Markers and Ink on Bristol.