Peppermint Pony! Not technically a Daily Creativity

Daily Creativity: Peppermint PonyPeppermint Pony

This Peppermint Pony was a commission by the same person who commissioned the Penguinaut last year. This is for the new knitting team name. When I was given the inspiration of ponies of course my mind went one place. I did this with markers because I wanted the color to be bright and cheerful. Thanks to Tek for reminding me to add a cutie mark. I had almost forgot and I knew something was missing. This doesn’t count as a Daily Creativity piece because I this is the result of many sketches that I dismissed before settling on this one, and it took longer than a day to make. Still, Daily Creativity has become the label and tag I post most of the art under, so I feel like it still fits into that tag. Ink on paper.

Daily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys Easter

Daily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys EasterDaily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys Easter

Who doesn’t like a chocolate bunny? Rory loves them. Concluding this year’s lent I finish with a pice of the world’s cutest dragon enjoying the spoils that often we avoid during lent. Growing up we always had a really good chocolate bunny in our basket. It was something that was a big treat because it was always fine chocolate. Unlike our Christmas Santa, this bunny wasn’t hollow either. The question always was, do you eat it all on Easter? Or do you savor it over time? A word to the wise, don’t savor too long, opened chocolate goes bad. Plus there is the added risk of a sibling finding where you hid your candy and eating it on you. With 8 siblings, this was always a danger. I chose to savor though, and often too long and had to throw away turned chocolate. At least the jelly beans were plentiful. Markers and Ink on Bristol.

Daily Creativity; Rory Breaking the Fourth Wall

Daily Creativity; Rory Breaking the Fourth WallDaily Creativity; Rory Breaking the Fourth Wall

Breaking the Fourth wall is the concept I had while drawing this. I wanted to see if I could play with perspective enough to make it look like Rory was moving through this space realistically. Realistically for a cartoon dragon that it. Originally it wasn’t going to be colored in, but halfway through I changed my mind. Which wasn’t the best because I didn’t draw this on marker paper, I drew it on regular sketch paper, so the ink bleed a bit. I tried to clean it up after scanning and by using my colorless blending marker. Ink on Paper.

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Love Your Body series gains another submission. I drew a line art piece from this photo. I like how this piece came out with the line drawing. I hope to evoke the curves of the body to celebrate the form of this figure. Like the other figures I have done in this style I may save for a watercolor too. Ink on paper.

Daily Creativity: Shumatsu Dosa Ni is After Class Exercise Number Two

Daily Creativity: Shumatsu Dosa NiDaily Creativity: Shumatsu Dosa Ni

Shumatsu Dosa Ni is the last of the basic movements of Aikido, and this completes this series of line drawings. After Class Exercise Number Two in english, this movement is the basis of many Ni techniques. Ni techniques are when Uke (your partner) is pushing on you and you pivot 180° out of the way letting them follow their energy to unsuitability. When you are doing this exercise with a partner it is a blending exercise, but to really move your partner you must both push them around the pivot, and relax at the same time letting them push you. It’s confusing to explain, but it is needed so Uke continues with their energy, you get out of the way, and then you can move them where you want them. Normally that’s the ground or far far away. Ink on Paper