Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Love Your Body, it’s not always easy but it is always rewarding. As the weather gets warmer I’m thinking of the beach and I used this photo as inspiration for today’s piece. Drawing fat people in bathing suits is fun for me and makes my soul feel good. This one I love because she is confidently approaching the water in a bikini (not a fatkini, or a suit designed to make her looks slimmer) and letting the sun hit as much of her skin as possible. There is a freedom to this, a radical act of self love in doing what many others wouldn’t think twice about. With campaigns against bodies like ours this kind of art is important to me and people like me. We deserve to enjoy the beach and we are glorious when we do it. Pencils on paper.

Daily Creativity: Baby Giraffe (Not April’s yet)

Daily Creativity: Baby Giraffe Daily Creativity: Baby Giraffe

Everyone seems to be Giraffe crazy these days thanks to April and her impending baby. She even has a website and a gofundme page. I’m all for getting people interested in animals.

My friend mentioned that I should draw one. As soon as she said this I had an image of a baby in my head. I wasn’t trying to draw April’s baby, but hey, it might look as cute as this. By the way, these guys as babies are super cute. They have the biggest eyes, with these wispy lashes and their legs are like noodles. It’s just adorable. Pencils on Paper

Daily Creativity: Iron Fist & Luke Cage on the Tea Cup ride

Daily Creativity: Iron Fist & Luke Cage on the Tea Cup rideDaily Creativity: Iron Fist & Luke Cage on the Tea Cup ride

I’m currently watching Iron Fist and thanks to Claire from the Defender’s Podcast I got the image of these two riding the tea cups. Luke and Danny are best buds, so it makes sense. I saw it as Luke doing all the work and Danny just having fun. Which sounds a bit right to me. I started this thinking it would be all in ink with limited colors, and then it looked weird to me. So I added colored pencils. So it’s a bit of a mixed media piece.

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Love Your Body will always be part of Daily Creativity. If you don’t like seeing celebration of the human form then (I feel bad for you) you will be disappointed here. I love this piece, it reminds me of one I did last year, but I’m sure the models are different. The photo I used didn’t have the person’s head in it, so I think I channeled last year’s model to fill in those features. I love how she is holding herself, expressing that love we should all have for our bodies.

I wasn’t able to scan this yesterday (I’m back dating this post) because I was in North Bay.

Pencil on paper.

Daily Creativity: Cross of St Brigid

Daily Creativity: Cross of St BrigidDaily Creativity: Cross of St Brigid

Happy St Patrick’s Day, so of course I dress the Cross of St Brigid. I’ve done this before, but this time I wanted to add some color. I drew this with pencils and colored pencils. Growing up this cross was hanging in a few places, in my Grandma’s house, and in our own home. More than because my sister is named Brigid, though I know her adornments have something to do with that connection. Also because there are three patron saints of Ireland, and Patrick, the most famous, wasn’t born there. As the Irish PM reminded us today, he was an immigrant. Brigid and Columba were born there, and Brigid is the only one who also died there. I love the cross too, the interwoven palms that form the cross. It’s simple and meaningful, like my favorite things of the culture Grandma raised us with.

Celebrating St Paddy’s up here in Canada is interesting. Catholicism is the dominant religion in Canada, a stark contrast to the USA. Granted, a good percentage of those Catholics are French. Yet the Irish descendent population is much smaller than the USA, and that is counting the big Irish population in Quebec. So Paddy’s day is celebrated pretty much everywhere (in my experience the most thin was in Nova Scotia, gee, wonder why? :) ).

Getting into any Irish pub is tricky. Last year, we didn’t make it, this year we went during the day, after lunch, and still had to wait 30-45minutes for a table. It wasn’t too bad though, the beer was flowing and the pipes and drums were playing. I did notice however that the pub was pretty generic in the sense that they had nothing about counties, religion, or even football clubs. Many patrons and workers seemed to think of the day as green mardi gras. It’s great to have that excitement, but sometimes it is a bit strange to see. Coming from NY where Paddy’s day is a bit different, celebrated by all, but a lot less irreverent to the culture behind it. At one point today while talking with a friend of mine after she commented on all my green, saying I looked Irish today*. I laughed about being Irish every day, a stranger who seemed to want in on our conversation says “I’m actually Irish.” I nod and say “Yeah, me too. County Armagh.” He stopped, stammered, and said “Oh, I’m like maybe 10 percent.” I smiled and said nothing, it’s not a competition or a one up game. Just sometimes people remember heritage on a party day, and that’s fine.

*Grandma used to say, if you can’t tell I’m Irish by looking at me, you don’t deserve to know. And that always made me giggle. Granted she looked more stereotypical Irish than me, and wasn’t as black Irish looking, and well when asked, she really was Irish, just not descended. In truth, when people ask me what I am I say American. Especially now that I’m an immigrant and my cultural identity is more American than anything else, and I think that would make Grandma really happy. She wanted to raise her children as American, not Irish. So while I was raised with the culture of my immigrant grandparents (Irish and German) my culture is American. Many Americans don’t see that as a culture, but when you leave America, you become very aware of it.