Nutty Bites 100: Favorite Batman (revisited) and Other Comic Adaptations

Nutty Bites 100: Favorite Batman (revisited) and Other Comic AdaptationsNutty Bites 100: Favorite Batman (revisited) and Other Comic Adaptations

Nutty Bites 100, celebrating 100 episodes* in this podcast! In this episode we revisit one of our first Nutty Debates with our first guest. The Xerial Killer, Nuchtchas, and Tek, talk about their favorite Batman (It’s changed in the last six years), Joker, and other comic adaptations. Nuchtchas and XK gush about Riverdale. It’s been a great 6 years and a great 100 episodes.

*not counting bonus episodes and dog days episodes.


What’s your take on the movie? Tell us in the comments, on twitter, in the facebook group, email, or call in!

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Daily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as Batman

Daily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as BatmanDaily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as Batman

May I introduces BatRAWR! The world’s cutest detective!

Tonight a friend was hosting a Paint the Night (ish) even online. We all got together to paint or do something creative (some did crafts, some wrote, some designed games), and raise money for MS. You can donate to Janelle’s team by clicking here BTW. So I painted Rory as the caped crusader. Part because I saw Lego Batman this week and loved it, and part because I haven’t painted Rory yet this lent. I drew him, but not painted. I painted in watercolor because I think they look best for this type of piece, Rory as a superhero.

Daily Creativity: A Kar’Mas Batman! 2015

Batman watercolorBATMAN! I painted this for JRD of Flash Pulp for this year’s Kar’Mas gift exchange. I know Jurd is a fan of Batman, like a big, one, like me, so I thought I’d paint him a watercolor of Batman protecting the city. Watercolor notecard.

Nutty Bites 40: Year in Review

Year in ReviewGood bye 2012, hello 2013.  In this episode I discuss the movies and podcasts that were made in 2012 that I enjoyed.  I also get into some feed back and briefly talk about Scott Pilgrim and Iron Sky.


  • The Hobbit
  • Life of Pi
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • The Avengers
  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Prometheus
  • The Hunger Games
  • John Carter

(discounting shows that started in 2011 or earlier and shows that have podfaded already)


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Nutty Bites – Nutty Debate: Guilty Pleasures

I met with Kristy and Phaze to discuss our guilty pleasures.

We ramble, we get lost off topic and we laugh a lot.  Make sure you tell us your guilty pleasures.

(Hi Mike!)

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