Daily Creativity: AKA Rory – Jessica Jones Rory Mashup

Daily Creativity: AKA Rory - Jessica Jones Rory MashupDaily Creativity: AKA Rory – Jessica Jones Rory Mashup

Jessica Jones is an amazing character but figuring out how to have Rory portray her was a bit difficult. Unlike many other superheroes Jessica doesn’t have a real costume, and anyone could be rearing jeans and a biker jacket, right? So I styled this one after the cover style I most think of when I think of the Alias & following comics. The washed out watercolor look. If you are a fan of the Netflix show you will notice that the opening credits also makes a nod to these covers. I posed Rory similarly but had to put more defined green for him so it was clear who was in Jessica’s spot. Watercolor painting on paper.

Daily Creativity: One Punch Man or Dragon?

Daily Creativity: One Punch Man or Dragon?Daily Creativity: One Punch Man or Dragon?

One Punch Man is on Netflix finally! Just season one but it is glorious! It gets points from me for art style, going from almost no detail when Saitima isn’t fighting or energetic to total detail when he is in the zone and full on fighting.Points for pointing out tropes in anime and then subverting them. It gets points for it’s comedic timing. Points for character design and world buildings. It is just so much fun to watch. Tonight Tek wanted to see One Punch Dragon, Rory dressed as Saitima. I wanted the fist and the shopping bag included because I just adore his relaxed manor. Painted in watercolor on paper.

Daily Creativity: Venus

Daily Creativity: VenusDaily Creativity: Venus

Venus the second planet in our solar system may look uninteresting due to it’s cloud covering but using a radar photo I painted something between the texture of the surface and the clouds above. I’ve painted some of the planets before and eventually I will paint them all. This marks the latest installment of this series. I think this is an interesting planet, the surface is much like the oceans floor, with pressure of the bottom of the marianas trench and deadly atmosphere we have much less information about Venus as we do of Mars. I like painting the planets in watercolor, I think it gives them a luminosity that I wouldn’t be able to achieve with oil paint. Watercolor on paper.

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

This Love Your Body painting was inspired by a self portrait photograph a friend of mine too. I kept thinking about the image and realized I wanted to paint it. I asked her permission and when she said yes I knew right away this was going to be a watercolor. In the original photo it was as if she was filled with light, so selecting oranges, reds, and yellows for my color pallet was a given. I used blue to contrast the colors and make the figure even brighter. I don’t think I captured the feeling of light as I would have liked. Yet I hope I caught the feeling of the pose, the bold look to the viewer and expressive posture. I find this piece inspiring, bold and aware. I want to be that woman in the painting. Watercolors on Paper.

Daily Creativity: Rory as DareDevil, DareDragon

Daily Creativity: Rory as DareDevilDaily Creativity: Rory as DareDevil, DareDragon

DareDevil is my friend Claire’s favorite superhero of all time. When I finally got to meet her (back in July of 2015) face to face I painted this for her, Rory dressed as Matt Murdock’s superhero persona. I took a photo of it before giving her the original and I realized tonight when I painted the Rory as Luke Cage piece that I never posted this work here. I actually never even edited any of the photos from that trip. Sorry Mom, those Egret pics were sitting on my external hard drive for two years too. Thank goodness I’m a digital hoarder and still had the raw files on my external drive. So here we are, in all it’s glory, not lost to time, just forgotten for a while. Watercolor and ink on paper.