Daily Creativity: Rory as Ms Marvel

Daily Creativity: Rory as Ms MarvelDaily Creativity: Rory as Ms Marvel

I love Ms Marvel, and so does Rory. Especially the latest incarnation of Kamala Kahn. She is awesome and cool and a total fangirl. I have done many pieces of Rory as various superheroes and today I did this one. I love the pose he takes and the bold look at the viewer. I think Rory and Kamala would be great friends and I could see them fighting crime and saving the world together, as long as he wasn’t distracted by a meal. He at least wants her autograph. Watercolor Painting on watercolor paper.

Daily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as Batman

Daily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as BatmanDaily Creativity: BatRAWR! Rory as Batman

May I introduces BatRAWR! The world’s cutest detective!

Tonight a friend was hosting a Paint the Night (ish) even online. We all got together to paint or do something creative (some did crafts, some wrote, some designed games), and raise money for MS. You can donate to Janelle’s team by clicking here BTW. So I painted Rory as the caped crusader. Part because I saw Lego Batman this week and loved it, and part because I haven’t painted Rory yet this lent. I drew him, but not painted. I painted in watercolor because I think they look best for this type of piece, Rory as a superhero.

Daily Creativity: Cass Elliot – Big Mama Cass

Daily Creativity: Cass Elliot - Big Mama CassDaily Creativity: Cass Elliot – Big Mama Cass

Cass Elliot was an amazing talent, and she was also fantastically out there as a fat icon. Just a quick google search will show you how she had some amazing outfits and photoshoots, one that stuck with me is a nude she did in a bed of daisies. Flower Power, right? Sadly she didn’t get ti live in a world that wasn’t fat phobic and she wasn’t able to stand the pressure. A mix of crash dieting and drugs contributed to her passing, and I wish I could hug her and tell her how important she is to fat people to see and look up to. I am so please to add this to my Love Your Body collection.

One thing I learned is she didn’t like being called Mama Cass, but wanted her full name used. So in that respect I have titled this Cass Elliot.

I painted this with watercolors and was very light on the paint. I left the pencil marks because I wanted to use them to convey the daisies. Painting tons of tiny daisies I think was the hardest part of this piece, I hope it looks ok.

Penquinaut! A Penguin steampunk astronaut who knits is Not a Daily Creativity

Penquinaut! This Penguin steampunk astronaut who knits is not a Daily CreativityPenquinaut! This Penguin steampunk astronaut who knits is not a Daily Creativity

This is a commission and so it wasn’t a Daily Creativity, meaning I spent less than a day on the piece, this piece I spent a lot more time on. I made this for someone who was part of a knitting team on ravelry. There were certain themes to follow, like their team name, and then adding knitting to it, and finally a touch of steampunk to reflect the personality of the person. I had a few sketches and ideas and ended up picking this design. I mixed media here, using masking, water color, ink, and pencil, to create the depth that I was looking for. My goal was rich colors to really flesh out this design. Also, if the planet the penguin is standing on looks familiar and you’re a fan of the Little Prince books, there is a reason for that. I placed the penguin on the Little Prince’s planet on purpose. It wasn’t part of the commission, that was just something that worked for me. By the time this posts the physical art will be in her hands, she’s had the digital for months.

Daily Creativity: Pip Boy Rory!

Daily Creativity: Pip Boy Rory!

Pip Boy Rory - Daily CreativityIf you’re a fan of the Fallout series of games then you are familiar with Pip Boy. If not, he’s basically the stand in for all of the infographics you see in the game, a game about a post apocalyptic world with a very heavy 1950’s influence of culture. While I was crafting in Fallout shelter tonight I decided that I needed to may Rory as Pip Boy. I think the hardest thing here was making the thumbs up on a figure that normally doesn’t have fingers on his paws. The other challenge is that usually I draw Rory from the side to emphasize his tum, but this composition required me to draw him head on. Working with his proportions was a bit unfamiliar, but it definitely helped me learn how his body is formed, so that’s a plus. This is a watercolor on paper.

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