Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

This is a bit messy, but I like it messy sometimes.  This Love Your Body piece isn’t inspired by one photograph but a collection of them.  I created this without the use of of a model.  I like how the quick lines and subtle color creates some emotion in this piece.

Daily Creativity: Pear Shaped?

Pear Shaped? We’ve all heard it before. Are you a pear shape? An apple shape? You’re neither. You’re person shaped. People come in different shapes and sizes, we aren’t apples, we aren’t pears, we’re people. You may remember me doing an apple shape painting last year.

I made this using watercolor and blending marker mode in ArtRage on my iPad, it’s pretty neat being able to mix mediums without the hassle of waiting for something to dry.

I haven’t been able to do many creations this week, between a huge travel day and a nightmare of delays, then a full work week where I was only getting three hours of sleep a night, which resulted in me getting sick, it’s just been a nightmare.  When talking to me husband on the phone about my mood he said “Have you been keeping up with your daily creativity?” I said what time do I have, but his point was valid, even with the little time I had, not creating was taking another toll on me, a mental one.

Also Art Month is over, but lent continues, so these will come pretty regularly till easter.

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body – Self Portrait from memory

selffrommemorysmToday I pulled out my charcoals and large newsprint, wow what a difference this makes.  Why didn’t I do that sooner?  I miss sketching with charcoal, and sadly I can’t take them with me on my two week trip.  Hopefully I will remember and break them out when I get home (I’m flying to NY for work for two weeks, so my art supplies will be limited).  From memory I tried to do a self portrait, you see there was a painting I did a week or so back, I loved the model because her stomach reminded me of mine.  I have received many comments on that painting about her stomach, so many people happy to see one like their own, and I realized mine wasn’t as uncommon as I thought, just underrepresented.  So I thought I’d try creating more art with that kind of stomach.  I think I made myself look too thin in this sketch, it’s hard to get yourself accurately.  It’s a start though.  Why did I dod this from memory instead of snapping a photo?  Simple, I wanted to see what I could produce, wanted to see what my vision of myself was.  It’s always a big risk for me to conduct self portraits, especially nudes, and then put it out there.  I always feel so vulnerable and scared, but its a beautiful kind of pain.