Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

LoveYourBody-21-smTonight’s daily creativity is another Love Your Body piece, painted in purple. I like the cropped portion of this woman’s body, I like how her skin’s rolls, it’s just beautiful. Watercolor on hot pressed paper. 3/25/2015

Daily Creativity: Don’t Yuk other people’s Yum!

DontYUK-smToday I will give you some life advice, “Don’t YUK other people’s YUM!” This I first heard from Mr Scott Roche, but it works for so many things. from food to hobbies, to lifestyle, to core beliefs. While yes I know some might think it should be yuck, not yuk, but I liked the idea of just changing one letter and liked the pun in it, yuk, as it to mock or dismiss, not just yuck as in a vocalism of distaste. Ink and colored pencil on paper. 3/24/2014

Daily Creativity: Jupiter

Jupiter-smJupiter is so far my favorite painting I have done in my solar system series. I used hot pressed paper this time, normally I paint on cold pressed paper, but I saw this today when I was at the art store and thought it might work well for the planets. The difference is with hot pressed paper the finish is smooth and very soft to the touch, cold pressed has more texture and absorbs the paint more. Watercolor on paper. 3/23/2015

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body Full Body Project style

LoveYourBody-FBP-4-smYesterday’s creation is another piece in the Love Your Body series. This one is also inspired by Leonard Nimoy’s Full Body Project. Watercolor on paper. 3/22/2015

Daily Creativity: Doodles from old sketches

Doodle-sheepTonight I give you a doodle! I was on a long podcast recording and while I was recording I found myself doodling on a discarded paper from my sketchbook. Often I will start sketches, and not like where they are going, and if it’s being done in ink, I will start fresh. So I was doodling and really liked where this was going so I thought I’d share with all of you. Hope you like it. Ink and Pencil on Paper. 3/21/2015