Daily Creativity: Maai

Maai Aikido PaintingDaily Creativity: Maai

Maai is the distance you set up in aikido before performing techniques. It’s very important to start at maai because at that distance neither party can do anything to the other party without moving closer, but it’s close enough that you don’t have to cross much distance to start.

I think this concept is interesting and it’s something that can be carried into life. When you start anything you want to start it with proper perspective and distance. You want to be prepared but not over prepared, you want to consciously start something before you are already in it. With the proper distance almost any challenge can be handled.

I painted this in Art Rage using the oil painting settings. I was originally going for my blob people look but there are just too many angles in aikido so they took on their own form.

Daily Creativity: Victory #LoveYourBody

Victory "Love Your Body"Love Your Body: Victory!

This painting symbolizes victory to me. I don’t know where the idea came from but I just love the idea.This is part of the “Love Your Body” series. I painted this in the new Art Rage app on my iPad, taking advantage of that extra resolution.

Nutty Bites 80: 2015 Year in Review

CoverArt80Nutty Bites 2015 Year in Review! Nuchtchas and Tek talk about the best things of 2015 and why this episode is so late. They read feedback and just get into the best books, movies, tv shows, music, podcasts, and more!



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Daily Creativity: A Kar’Mas Batman! 2015

Batman watercolorBATMAN! I painted this for JRD of Flash Pulp for this year’s Kar’Mas gift exchange. I know Jurd is a fan of Batman, like a big, one, like me, so I thought I’d paint him a watercolor of Batman protecting the city. Watercolor notecard.