xpost: Mental Residue – Balticon 49 Panel: Podcasting 101

Featured-Balticon49Balticon 49 Panel: Podcasting 101

Here you can listen to the raw audio from the Balticon Podcasting 101 panel, thanks to Scott Pond for recording and producing. You can find his podcast  Mental Residue here.

Featuring: Scott E. Pond (moderator), Veronica Giguere, Nunuche “Nutty” Nuchtchas, Doc Coleman, and Jason G. Banks

Topic: Podcasting 101 – Discuss the basics of developing a podcast. What is your target audience? What are you trying to market? How do you grow a style to call your own that draws in fans?


  • Veronica Giguere -Veronica “V.” Giguere is a narrator, author, and educator. In love with her microphone for nearly nine years, she has voiced spoiled supervillains, tempting demons, Communist metahumans, fierce pirates, anxious technomancers, secret agent archaeologists, suspicious journalists, foxling pirates, enchanted princesses, and a young woman facing an odd spider infestation. She is a coauthor of the Secret World Chronicles podcast novel series and her other writings include inner-city cyberpunk, psychological thrillers, and zombies. When she isn’t telling you your favorite stories, Veronica masquerades as a mild-mannered academic whose specialties include time management and academic resource instruction.
    Website: http://www.voicesbyveronica.com
    Website: http://www.dawningsky.com
  • Nunuche “Nutty” Nuchtchas – Artist by day, blogger and podcaster by night, Nuchtchas (nicknamed Nutty — artist, blogger, podcaster, gamer, role player, and self professed “Geek Queen”) is the chief editor and director of nimlas.org and NIMLAS Studios. While currently based in New Brunswick, Canada with spouse and Dragon, Nuchtchas is often traveling back where she came from, New York and all around the United States.
    Website: http://nimlas.org
  • Doc Coleman – Inspired by the creative voices of new media, Doc Coleman is an emerging figure in the podiosphere. After a tour as Galley Table’s regular stow-away, and producer of his own podcast The Shrinking Man Project, Doc has broadened his scope to include voice acting and writing. His voice acting credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Pirate’s Cove, Absolution from Scrivener’s Circle, the YA novel Ginny Dare, and live performances of Metamor City at Balticons 45 and 47, and Stargazers at Balticon 46. He is part of the newly formed League of Extraordinary Vocalists. His stories have appeared in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences’ Tales From the Archives, the Way of the Gun anthology, and the Steampunk Special Edition of Flagship magazine. He is self-publishing his first novel, The Perils of Prague, the first novel of the series The Adventures of Crackle and Bang.
    Find out about all of Doc’s projects at Swimming Cat Studios (SwimmingCatStudios.com). When he isn’t juggling projects, making a living, or mainlining podcasts, Doc is a gamer, an avid reader, a motorcyclist, a home brewer and beer lover, a fan of renaissance festivals, and frequently a smart-ass. He lives with his lovely wife and two cats in Germantown, MD.
    Website: http://www.doccoleman.com
    Website: http://www.niftytechblog.com
    Website: http://theshrinkingmanproject.com
    Website: http://swimmingcatstudios.com
  • Jason G. Banks – Jason has been a voracious reader since he was a kid, and started listening to podcasts in 2006 after his reading led him to Scott Sigler’s work while on deployment to Iraq. Then it was one thing after another; he met Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine in 2010 after he left the service. They suggested Balticon and doing his own podcast. He said he could never do that. Two years later he started The Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast and participating in Balticon as a panelist on the anime track and in the viewing room, instead of just attending the convention.
    Website: http://bigbearsden.wordpress.com
    Website: http://talknerdy2mepodcast.com
  • Scott E. Pond – Scott E. Pond is the owner/proprietor of Scott E. Pond Designs, LLC. He is a creative powerhouse in the realm of digital and print publications, art, and graphic designs, boasting diverse experience in eBook and traditional print cover art, cover layout and graphic design, interior layout and desktop publishing, digital and traditional illustration, photography, marketing and promotional branding, personal branding, and general design services. He also likes cheese, especially Swiss.
    Follow him on Twitter: @ScottEPond
    Website: http://scottpond.com
    Website: http://scottepond.com



Nutty Bites 73: Con Survival!

CoverArt73Nuchtchas and Tek talk about con survival, how to survive a con and what to think about when planning your trip, costume, and participation.

Each con is different but with these tips you can make sure your experience is happy, healthy, and doesn’t break your bank.



(347) NUTTY42 or (347) 688-8942


Balticon Art Sale!

Balticon Art Sale!

I’ll be bringing some of my art cards with me to Balticon. If you saw something you liked this year during Daily Creativity, you may be able to get your hands on the original! I will charge only $5 per card, first come first serve basis.

If you aren’t going to Balticon but would like one, I can mail it to you for $5 plus shipping.

Your choice, Rory as various avengers, as Rincewind, Neptune or Jupiter, or any of these Love Your Body pieces.

Balticon Headshot Special!

Balticon Headshot Special!

Each year I have a Balticon Special where I will take professional headshots for podcasters, writers, whomever needs one.  The special rate is only $50, for this you get the best shots from our photoshoot (large resolution files and smaller icon sizes) and complete ownership of the photos so you may use them without permission.  It is implied that your headshot may be used in portfolio, but if you’d like me not to, as some have, then I will not include them, free of charge.

To get a session booked, hit me up on twitter @nuchtchas (or other social media or email avenues) and we can work out a time.  Or find me at the con, first come gets first booking.  Day time is the best for natural light.

Below are a just a few shots I have taken in the past.

Nuchtchas on Vox Box Comics Star Wars Podcast

vox box comics star warsNuchtchas narrated for the Vox Box Star Wars Comic Book Podcast this weekend. As you may be aware Vox Box puts the voice in comics and has been covering classic X-Men, well Michael has started a new branch of this and started covering star wars comics, which is perfect for the new movies coming out and for May the Fourth yesterday.