Daily Creativity: A Kar’Mas Batman! 2015

Batman watercolorBATMAN! I painted this for JRD of Flash Pulp for this year’s Kar’Mas gift exchange. I know Jurd is a fan of Batman, like a big, one, like me, so I thought I’d paint him a watercolor of Batman protecting the city. Watercolor notecard.

Daily Creativity: Freddy Kruger

Freddy Kruger paintingFreddy Kruger: I painted this back in October, at first I thought I would paint a bunch of horror villains in a cute way, and then that didn’t happen. I had a lot of fun painting this guy, hopefully I will paint the rest some day. Watercolor notecard.

Daily Creativity: Custom Funco Pop figures

These two custom funco pop figures I made as Christmas presents for my friend for 2014. Each of these represent original characters that he role plays in games with me, and one that he also writes stories about. The first is named Kara O’Reily, and I made her using the blank female figure and some plastic clay. I made her hair and belt out of clay, and then glued them on with modeling glue, and then painted the figure to match the character’s description.

The second was inspired a little by the Rocketeer so it only makes sense I use the Rocketeer figure to act as a base. I changed the color of the clothes, added details and rivets, changed the eye color, and added the corporate white star line sponsorship the character has in our game.

My friend was over the moon when he opened these. I only kick myself for never taking pictures of the other custom figure I made, I made my brother in law from a blank male figure and put him in a Kirk’s gold TOS uniform.

Daily Creativity: Doc Blue’s Kar’Mas 2014

Doc Blue Kar'Mas 2014I painted this last year for Kar’Mas, a gift exchange we do in the Flash Pulp community. I painted Doc Blue as the Doctor. Mostly thanks to his brilliant cosplay as the doctor the same year I went as the Tardis (pictured below). This is a watercolor measuring 9×13. I had a lot of fun painting this, I don’t know why I waited a YEAR to post it.

Doc Blue as the Doctor and Nutty as the TARDIS

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyPart of the Love Your Body series, Watercolor note card. You can find the inspiration for this painting on tumblr.

After a discussion about drawing fat characters thin I found myself needing to paint a lovely fat body. Most of my models in art school were larger bodies, they are easier to paint and I find them lovely. For some reason I am hearing people say thin bodies are easier to draw, and I don’t understand that. I think it may have something to do with the influence of anime and not drawing from actual models or images but from how to cartoon books.  Either way, I was very happy painting this.