Nuchtchas Guests on Tomboy Tirade Episode 46: Night of the Nutty Bites Kind

Tomboy Tirade Episode 46: Night of the Nutty Bites Kind

Nuchtchas joined the Tomboy Tarts on their latest episode of the Tomboy Tirade. It was a lot of fun and a lot of silliness. Thank you Persis & Raven, it was a blast and I look forward to recording with you again soon.

An extension of Tomboy Tarts brand, Tomboy Tirade is a no-holds  comedy chat podcast with a whole lot of geek and humour thrown into every episode. Hosted by Persis Shanker, Raven Lim and former co-host, Sharon Yusop, the show tears apart just about anything and everything that catches their fancy. Not your typical girl next door podcast show, Tomboy Tirade breaks down the world’s trendiest topics of the moment in a fun, comical nutshell. Unlike most podcast shows that will send you to the ‘Yawn Zone’, Tomboy Tirade is produced like a half hour situational comedy television show with thematic storylines, breaks and jingles between chat segments. Expect no long-winded monotonous ramblings here. It’s banter overdosed on caffeine.

To listen to the podcast, find us on iTunes. Just type ‘Tomboy Tirade’. New episodes are uploaded fortnightly on Thursdays.

Daily Creativity: Rory as Hawkeye aka RawrEye!

Rory-Hawkeye-RawrEye-smRory as Hawkeye aka RawrEye is the last of my Lent project of Daily Creativity and the last of the main Avengers series for Rory. Not to worry, there will still come Loki, Dare Devil, Gambit, and other comic book heroes coming, as well as more creations. Watercolor and ink on paper. 4/3/2015

Daily Creativity: Rory as Black Widow aka Black Dragon

Rory-Black-Widow-Black-Dragon-smRory as Black Widow aka Black Dragon is the next in the series of Rory as an Avenger. This is the second to last of the lent Daily Creativity project, but I will be continuing to create other Daily Creativities. Watercolor and Ink on paper. 4/2/2015

Daily Creativity: April Fish!

April-fish-2015-smToday was April Fools, or April Fish as the french say. Each year I do a fish themed creation, today I took a photo I was saving for my Love Your Body series and transformed her into a mermaid. I tried to make it more realistic too, no hair, scales, and webbed fingers. Painted in ArtRage on my iPad using various watercolor and oil paint settings. 4/1/2015