Nuchtchas Guests on IdjitCast, a Supernatural IntroCast!

Nuchtchas guested on the IdjitCast a while back.  She talks about the season one episode Skin.  Give it a listen and subscribe for the rest!

This is a podcast that is reviewing each episode of the hot show Supernatural with newbies to the show who are completely (or almost completely) unspoiled.  Join Expert John Pavlich and Newbies Paul Maki, his wife Darcy, Yvette and David Bushman in watching! Hear their reactions to the show and see if their predictions are right, or way off base. You can find links to the itunes feed and the website on QuadrupleZ below.

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Daily Creativity: My homage to the Traveling Totoro Family


I was inspired to draw my friends with their friends.  If you’re not following The Traveling Totoros on facebook then you are missing out on pictures that will brighten your day of little totoros doing random things.  They make me smile.  So I drew in little versions of their humans, @jdecorin & @scarredsoul in a scene from the movie with them.  I couldn’t put the whole family in there, but I got three of them, Cornelius, Amelia & Pip! This was drawn with ink on paper.

Nutty Bites 63: Favorite Female Superheroes!

CoverArt63Join Nuchtchas, Claire, Angela, & Heather, as they discuss their favorite female superheroes!  We get into our favorites from comic books, our favorites from outside of comics, what makes a good female superhero, some new superheroes, and what can we do to get more females in our movies, books, and toys.

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Daily Creativity: Rory in Kamae


I’ve been taking Aikido lately and was inspired to draw Rory in Kamae, and of course, he’s a green belt. This picture is ink on 9×12 marker paper, I really like using this paper when I use color, it doesn’t absorb the ink like other paper does so it ends up looking more like I originally intended. I find myself wanting more colors in my markers, but at $3 a pop I’m buying them slowly.