Daily Creativity: Egret Line Drawing

Daily Creativity: Egret Line DrawingDaily Creativity: Egret Line Drawing

My mother loves Egrets, the logo for her boat is the outline of one. I designed it. I have drawn an egret before for her as part of Daily Creativity, and it came up on her facebook memories this year. She and one of my sisters asked me to give it the brush ink line drawing I have been doing for Love Your Body and my Aikido drawings. I thought it would look like the boat’s logo, but it turned out pretty different. I like how the feathers came out, and if I were to do it again I think I’d make the head’s lines less complete. Ink on paper.

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Love Your Body will always be part of Daily Creativity. If you don’t like seeing celebration of the human form then (I feel bad for you) you will be disappointed here. I love this piece, it reminds me of one I did last year, but I’m sure the models are different. The photo I used didn’t have the person’s head in it, so I think I channeled last year’s model to fill in those features. I love how she is holding herself, expressing that love we should all have for our bodies.

I wasn’t able to scan this yesterday (I’m back dating this post) because I was in North Bay.

Pencil on paper.

Daily Creativity: A Fairy Peeking out from her Mushroom

Daily Creativity: A Fairy Peeking out from her MushroomDaily Creativity: A Fairy Peeking out from her Mushroom

This Fairy is special to me, it’s inspired by a friend. I normally don’t draw fairies, but I have in the past. This one I like because she is peeking out and has a great expression on her face. Plus, mushrooms always make me think of my sister. It’s like she’s being protected by my sister. Ink and colored pencils on paper.

Daily Creativity: I Love Broccoli!!!

Daily Creativity: I Love Broccoli!!!Daily Creativity: I Love Broccoli!!!

I Love Broccoli, and tonight I saw a meme putting down one of my favorite vegetables. So of course I had to draw it. I kinda changed my technique half way through, so it’s a bit inconsistent, but it’s vibrant. Its good raw, steamed (with some crunch still there), stir fried, baked, pan seared, you name it. Just don’t boil them to mush, and don’t hide them under cheese. A little bit of salt is all you need to bring out the flavor, but it also works really well as a contrast to other flavors in a dish. Markers on paper.

Daily Creativity: Rory as Ms Marvel

Daily Creativity: Rory as Ms MarvelDaily Creativity: Rory as Ms Marvel

I love Ms Marvel, and so does Rory. Especially the latest incarnation of Kamala Kahn. She is awesome and cool and a total fangirl. I have done many pieces of Rory as various superheroes and today I did this one. I love the pose he takes and the bold look at the viewer. I think Rory and Kamala would be great friends and I could see them fighting crime and saving the world together, as long as he wasn’t distracted by a meal. He at least wants her autograph. Watercolor Painting on watercolor paper.