Three ways to order, pick your favorite!

Red Bubble Store:


Posters, Ornements, Tee-Shirts, Mugs and More offered by Zazzle:

Gilcee Art Prints:

What are Giclee Prints?  Gilcee Prints are Art Galery Quality prints that are printed on Canvas (better for the paintings) or art paper (better for the pencil drawings).

Prices are set at  $40 8×10 Canvas and  $30 8×10 Art Paper plus shipping.

To view more possible prints pick any images from The Daily Creativity Project

All questions and orders should be sent to my email, I will be handling these orders directly.

  • Your prints are listed as 8×10, what if I want a print larger or smaller then that?
    If you want to order a custom size, just email me and I will give you a custom price.
  • How will payment for the Gilcee Art prints be charged?
    As of now I will be accepting Google Checkout Payments or PayPal payments in addition to money orders.
  • I want to order a lot of prints, do I have to pay shipping for each item?
    If you order your prints all at once your order may be able to combine shipping fee (meaning if you order two prints, it would be one shipping cost) or if you order enough you might qualify for free shipping. Email me with any questions.
  • What if I want to buy an ORIGINAL?  Not a Print?
    Simply email me and we can discuss pricing options and if the original is still available.
  • Where can I see more of your art?
    I will be creating a new portfolio page but for the time being you can look at some of my older stuff at
  • Are these prints framed?
    No they are not, for a few reasons.  One, framed prints weight more and would cost a lot more to ship, frames themselves cost a bit so why should you pay more for a frame when you could simply buy an inexpensive frame that matches your decor.  I prefer to save my customers money.

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