Nutty Bites 98: Cooking Shows

Nutty Bites 98: Cooking ShowsNutty Bites 98: Cooking Shows

Cooking shows are awesome, but also include a lot of things both fiction and non fiction. From how to shows, to competition shows, to anime, to quick videos online, to podcasts, to movies, we explore all these have to offer. We delve into how much influence these shows have on our cooking and eating habits. Jen and Jason of the Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast join Nuchtchas and Tek to discuss all of these topics and to go wildly off topic, like you do. So listen and enjoy as we totally geek out about food and cooking.

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Daily Creativity: Rory as Ms Marvel

Daily Creativity: Rory as Ms MarvelDaily Creativity: Rory as Ms Marvel

I love Ms Marvel, and so does Rory. Especially the latest incarnation of Kamala Kahn. She is awesome and cool and a total fangirl. I have done many pieces of Rory as various superheroes and today I did this one. I love the pose he takes and the bold look at the viewer. I think Rory and Kamala would be great friends and I could see them fighting crime and saving the world together, as long as he wasn’t distracted by a meal. He at least wants her autograph. Watercolor Painting on watercolor paper.

Daily Creativity: Ramen

Daily Creativity: RamenDaily Creativity: Ramen

Ramen is happiness in a bowl. Most people think of it as that instant thing college kids eat when poor, but there is a whole art dedicated to making the most complicated noodle soup. It takes 12 hours to make just the broth, and it’s more than just making stock, there is a whole process of steeping, and stock, and building up a tare, it’s intense. Now this kind of Ramen, is the real deal. If there was a shop in town I’d be blowing my budget there for sure. For now I have to settle for Pho and the few times Tek is willing to take the 12 hours to make it. Pencils on Paper.

Daily Creativity: Tai No Henko Ichi – Cross Step and Body Change

Daily Creativity: Tai No Henko Ichi - Cross Step and Body ChangeDaily Creativity: Tai No Henko Ichi – Cross Step and Body Change

Tai No Henko Ichi is the first of the basic movements in Yoshinkan Aikido. In english we call it cross step and body change. It allows you to divert your energy around something, like a person or a strong point, to find the weak point, and end up on top of uke.

Funny thing, while looking for photos to work from for this, the one I used ended up being someone I know I have worked with at a previous kenshu. I found other pictures of him with the sensei running the kenshu I was at last weekend. Yoshinkan is a small world.

Ink on paper.

Nutty Bites 97: Fan Stereotypes

Nutty Bites 97: Fan Stereotypes!

Nutty Bites 97: Fan Stereotypes!Fan Stereotypes can be divisive and insulting, they can be wrong, and sometimes they can be dead on. Nuchtchas, Tek, Jen, & Jason talk about Fan Stereotypes and how crazy they can be. They also list a few things that can just go away with these stereotypes.

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