NIMLAS Studios is a website that publishes podcasts, fine art, fiction and articles for people interested in geek culture and creativity.  NIMLAS Studios is focused on bringing you interesting original content as our primary mission. While nimlas.org was launched in 2004  it was in 2009 that the site has evolved into NIMLAS Studios and focused more on content creation.  As the internet changes and new media becomes old NIMLAS Studios will evolve and grow.  Our creators are as follows…


Artist by day, blogger and podcaster by night, Nuchtchas (nicknamed Nutty) (Artist, blogger, podcaster, gamer, roleplayer, and self professed “Geek Queen”) is the chief editor and director of nimlas.org and NIMLAS Studios.  While currently based in Ontario Canada with spouse and Dragon, Nuchtchas is often traveling back where she came from, New York and all around the United States.  Creating from home or on the road NIMLAS Studios can claim to have 30% Canadian Content.
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Tek – The Clockwork Doctor:

Steampunk Plague Doctor, Costumer, and Lover of SciFi. Real life Weapons Technician, and Writer’s Tech Consultant. Founder of the Dead Tree Society.  You can find The Clockwork Doctor’s writing on this blog under the category “Noises from the Vault.”
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Nuchtchas is hard to say/spell, just call me Nutty (Bitstrips)NIMLAS

1. Nuchtchas Is My Lord And Savior
2. a joke taken too far
3. an internet cult
4. a simplistic religion

early 2000’s – an off comment made while out of character in a RolePlaying chat rooms.

Related forms:
nim•las•less, adjective
nim•las fol•low•er, noun

nim•las fol•low•er

1. a person or thing that follows the teachings of NIMLAS.
2. a person who follows another in regard to the ideas or beliefs of NIMLAS; disciple or adherent.
3. a person who imitates, copies, or takes as a model or ideal the teachings of NIMLAS: He just wanted to use a NIMLAS gummy so he became a NIMLAS FOLLOWER
4. an attendant, servant, or retainer of NIMLAS.

Podcasts you can find Nuchtchas and/or The Clockwork Doctor on:

Nutty Bites Podcast SpecFiceMedia.com presents: Beyond the Wall - A Game of Thrones Podcast EPIC! CHSRCHSR: Run For Your Life!Digger Chats on SciFiDig

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  1. Yea! I found out how to write you.

    And while I was trying to figure out how to send you an e-mail I came across a sentence about you moving to New Brunswick – in July.
    Which is the answer to my question … when are you leaving?

    Not having made the meeting tonight, I thought I might have missed you.
    But I had every intention of making it to the meeting. It was top of my mind at 5:30 pm when I got home from working.

    Something took over my consciousness and would not let me think of going out, wanting me to continue to limp along here at home. Note to self – speaking of limping: the 5 K part of the Bluenose Marathon should not be undertaken in new sneakers next year. (Nor should one drink coffee before the start of the event, but that’s a totally different story.)

    My fingers are crossed that I will get to the next BestWord meeting.
    Take care,

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