Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Love Your Body will always be part of Daily Creativity. If you don’t like seeing celebration of the human form then (I feel bad for you) you will be disappointed here. I love this piece, it reminds me of one I did last year, but I’m sure the models are different. The photo I used didn’t have the person’s head in it, so I think I channeled last year’s model to fill in those features. I love how she is holding herself, expressing that love we should all have for our bodies.

I wasn’t able to scan this yesterday (I’m back dating this post) because I was in North Bay.

Pencil on paper.

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body Line Drawing

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body Line DrawingDaily Creativity: Love Your Body Line Drawing

Love Your Body is a series of Body Positive art that I do. This piece is very much on the fat acceptance side of the body positive movement. I like the simplicity of the lines I make with my ink brush. It really is a style I’m enjoying. I plan to do more of these. I’m saving the photo I worked from to use again for a watercolor painting too. You can find the resource photo here on tumblr. You can see that I modified the pose a little for composition sake. Ink on paper.

Daily Creativity: Cass Elliot – Big Mama Cass

Daily Creativity: Cass Elliot - Big Mama CassDaily Creativity: Cass Elliot – Big Mama Cass

Cass Elliot was an amazing talent, and she was also fantastically out there as a fat icon. Just a quick google search will show you how she had some amazing outfits and photoshoots, one that stuck with me is a nude she did in a bed of daisies. Flower Power, right? Sadly she didn’t get ti live in a world that wasn’t fat phobic and she wasn’t able to stand the pressure. A mix of crash dieting and drugs contributed to her passing, and I wish I could hug her and tell her how important she is to fat people to see and look up to. I am so please to add this to my Love Your Body collection.

One thing I learned is she didn’t like being called Mama Cass, but wanted her full name used. So in that respect I have titled this Cass Elliot.

I painted this with watercolors and was very light on the paint. I left the pencil marks because I wanted to use them to convey the daisies. Painting tons of tiny daisies I think was the hardest part of this piece, I hope it looks ok.

Daily Creativity: Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana Daily CreativityDaily Creativity: Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana is a fantastic role model and I’m so happy with how that Disney film was crafted. I knew of Tiana before even seeing the movie, my niece was obsessed with her. There was also this amazing cosplayer who’s picture I saw around a lot, she did a great Tiana and I fell in love with her other cosplays. Her name is Brichibi, and you can find her all over the web, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and her site. I knew I was going to love her before seeing the movie. Then this past year I watched it and I did indeed fall in love with not just Tiana but so many of the characters and the story. I wish I had her as a disney princess when I was younger.

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