Daily Creativity: Rory as Green Lantern

Daily Creativity: Rory as Green LanternDaily Creativity: Rory as Green Lantern

I love drawing Rory as superheroes, and it is only fitting that he pose as Green Lantern. Rory Lantern? He’s already green so it fits that he’d bear the ring. Knowing him he’d think of food so he’d have more things to eat.

I got the new cable for the printer today so I was finally able to scan my drawings. It’s amazing how something so small can throw things out of wack. Markers on Paper.

Daily Creativity: Usagi (Ous/Osu/Oss-agi!)

Daily Creativity: Usagi (Ous/Osu/Oss-agi!)Daily Creativity: Usagi (Ous/Osu/Oss-agi!)

As many know, I practice Yoshinkan Aikido, a common word used is Ous (aka Osu aka Oss) which is like Q’apla in Klingon, it can be used for anything but no. It’s a shortening for a whole expression, but is used often to mean more than the original meaning. It’s slang that was picked up by dojos, and many arts you’ll hear it. It sounds a lot like the beginning of the word for Rabbit, Usagi. So I got it in my head to draw a rabbit aikidoka. So here is my Rabbit in a hakama. Markers on Paper.

Daily Creativity: Eggplant Constrictor

Daily Creativity: Eggplant ConstrictorDaily Creativity: Eggplant Constrictor

It’s Ash Wednesday so that means it’s time for Daily Creativity every day again. This has become a favorite time of the year, not just for me, but for a select few of my followers, and that’s awesome. This year Tek and I have decided to try something we have seen people posting about, the Lent purge. This year, every day we will each choose something to purge from our home. If it can be donated, it will be donated, if not, it will be trashed or recycled. We also will be donating the clothes we have been gathering for far too long and actually donate them. The goal is once a week to drop things off. I’m excited for this, stuff is a big stress, getting rid of it should help. And hey, in a few years we will have to down size for a year, so it’s a good time to start that.

Today’s Daily Creativity, The Eggplant Constrictor, is a spin on a drawing I’ve done before. It’s a character for a children’s book I’ll likely never write. Simon, the vegetarian snake. You’ll notice that this is a bad image, it’s a snap from my cell phone. I’ll scan it later, but I wanted to post tonight. I finished a commissioned piece today and sent it out, I can’t share that till the job is done. I hope they like it. When it is approved, there might be changes or redrafts, I’ll share. And there is another piece a while ago that I never scanned, I’ll post that later.

Markers on paper.

Daily Creativity: Intro to Ghibli show art

Daily Creativity: Intro to GhibliDaily Creativity: Intro to Ghibli show art

I made this for a new segment on Nutty Bites, Intro to Ghibli, where Jen, Jason, Tek, and myself explore the studio Ghibli movies. I drew the four of us with a Totoro surrounded by soot sprites. Because why not? The Totoro has become iconic of the studio and the soot sprites are everywhere. While I’m still unspoiled for most of the movies, I haven’t been living under a rock, so I know this, plus Totoro was the first movie we covered.

I drew this with blending markers on some really nice marker paper that doesn’t absorb and spread the ink. It really makes things pop. I love it. Wish I had it in more sizes. I’m pretty happy with how this came out. I used photos of us from various Balticons for reference. I think I did the worst on myself, I have a hard time capturing myself, but think I did amazingly well on Jen. Yet Tek says he thinks I did the best on myself, so what do I know. Tek was easy, if you remember the short lived web comic I did eons ago, Picnic Kids, he looks a lot like that. What do you think?