Daily Creativity: Intro to Ghibli show art

Daily Creativity: Intro to GhibliDaily Creativity: Intro to Ghibli show art

I made this for a new segment on Nutty Bites, Intro to Ghibli, where Jen, Jason, Tek, and myself explore the studio Ghibli movies. I drew the four of us with a Totoro surrounded by soot sprites. Because why not? The Totoro has become iconic of the studio and the soot sprites are everywhere. While I’m still unspoiled for most of the movies, I haven’t been living under a rock, so I know this, plus Totoro was the first movie we covered.

I drew this with blending markers on some really nice marker paper that doesn’t absorb and spread the ink. It really makes things pop. I love it. Wish I had it in more sizes. I’m pretty happy with how this came out. I used photos of us from various Balticons for reference. I think I did the worst on myself, I have a hard time capturing myself, but think I did amazingly well on Jen. Yet Tek says he thinks I did the best on myself, so what do I know. Tek was easy, if you remember the short lived web comic I did eons ago, Picnic Kids, he looks a lot like that. What do you think?

Daily Creativity: My homage to the Traveling Totoro Family


I was inspired to draw my friends with their friends.  If you’re not following The Traveling Totoros on facebook then you are missing out on pictures that will brighten your day of little totoros doing random things.  They make me smile.  So I drew in little versions of their humans, @jdecorin & @scarredsoul in a scene from the movie with them.  I couldn’t put the whole family in there, but I got three of them, Cornelius, Amelia & Pip! This was drawn with ink on paper.