Daily Creativity: #ProjectSemiColon

#projectsemicolon - daily creativityDaily Creativity: #ProjectSemiColon

Today I learned about #projectsemicolon, I’d seen some tattoos of semicolons before but didn’t get the significance till I saw the hashtag. The main idea, as I was able to learn (correct me if I get anything wrong or left anything out) is that it’s raising awareness for mental illness, for living with mental illness, and many get the tattoos to remind themselves that they are more than their diagnosis.  A semicolon is a pause, it’s not the end of a sentence, it’s a pause that joins two thoughts. It’s kind of beautiful to think about.  In editing, I’m often against the use of a semicolon, there are very rare times when they are appropriate. Yet with this, it just makes perfect sense and it is totally appropriate. I have many friends and family living with mental illness. They are amazing people and I love them with all of my heart. I have leanings myself, I think we all do, but I won’t co-opt their struggle.  I can only support and love. In that idea I made this art. Drawn from a friend’s tattoo I made the inside of the heart in ink, permanent, like a diagnosis, like a tattoo. The outside of the heart is sketchy pencil, and the edge of the notebook paper. Rough, changeable, noisy, like the world.

To my friends effected, I love you so much. I’m thinking of you today.

Ink and Pencil on paper.

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