Daily Creativity: Xenomorph Disney Princess

Daily Creativity: Xenomorph Disney Princess

Daily Creativity: Xenomorph Disney Princess

With all this talk about Disney buying parts of Fox there is the discussion, does that mean the Xenomorph is a Disney Princess? So of course I had to draw that. I’m not sure if the Alien franchise was part of the deal, but it is enough for me to be a big ‘ol geek about it. Colored pencils on paper.

Daily Creativity: Rory as a Union Soldier – Union Dragon

Daily Creativity: Rory as a Union Soldier - Union DragonDaily Creativity: Rory as a Union Soldier – Union Dragon

Tek and I visited Gettysburg before going down to Balticon. I highly recommend this trip, it has changed so much since the last time I really explored there, twenty years ago. The roads are paved, there is this auto tour you can buy (in CD form now but there is an app in Beta) and they built some overlooks. All while preserving the integrity of the historical site.

We learned a lot we didn’t know. Even having studied the Civil War I missed a lot of things that I learned on this visit. I was inspired to paint Rory as a union soldier. Artillery of course. I’m thinking the war might have been won faster with Dragons on the Union side, but it would have been a very different war.

I started painting this at Balticon, doing some work on the few moments I wasn’t on a panel or getting my 5-2-1. I finished it when I got home. So yes this does break the rules of Daily Creativity as it took more than one day to finish, but in the time total it wasn’t more than I would spend in a day, I think. I am pleased with how it came out and had Tek check my work with the depiction of the enfield riffle Rory is holding. I painted some dirt on his uniform and fur, and tried to make it look dirty. Faded blues too. I’m really happy with how this piece came out. I may be the only person who wanted to see Rory as a soldier, but it marks this trip for me.

watercolors and ink on pressed paper.

Nuchtchas featured on Modern Creative Life – Through the Lens

Modern Creative LifeNuchtchas featured on Modern Creative Life – Through the Lens

I was asked to write a piece about my art for the site Modern Creative Life. It took me almost a year to actually write this piece. I’m extremely anxious about writing. I used to write a lot, for me, for role play, for fun. I have won three NaNoWriMos yet I never published much. I am not a writer. I’m a visual artist but I can’t find words to express myself well. Each time I post something I know I am not saying what I mean to say. Every comment, every tweet, everything I write these days I worry over.

This piece went well, I think. I think I needed that year to formulate my thoughts. I hadn’t written an artist statement in years, but this time I got to blend my activism with my art. I was able to talk about why this art is so important to me.

I show cased a lot of different pieces in this one, two of which the originals have been claimed/sold already. Two in the last week. When my Love Your Body pieces sell I’m always shocked and touched. I do these for me, so when they mean something to others it matters in a new way.

Please read the whole piece on Modern Creative Life, and let me know what you think.

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Inspired by this post on facebook I created this Love Your Body piece. I loved how the two bodies intertwined. Normally I do these pieces as solo figures, but this one felt so intense to me. Sharing of two bodies, each loving the other till they become one. I think my line drawing worked really well with this piece.

Ink on paper.

Peppermint Pony! Not technically a Daily Creativity

Daily Creativity: Peppermint PonyPeppermint Pony

This Peppermint Pony was a commission by the same person who commissioned the Penguinaut last year. This is for the new knitting team name. When I was given the inspiration of ponies of course my mind went one place. I did this with markers because I wanted the color to be bright and cheerful. Thanks to Tek for reminding me to add a cutie mark. I had almost forgot and I knew something was missing. This doesn’t count as a Daily Creativity piece because I this is the result of many sketches that I dismissed before settling on this one, and it took longer than a day to make. Still, Daily Creativity has become the label and tag I post most of the art under, so I feel like it still fits into that tag. Ink on paper.