Daily Creativity: One Punch Man or Dragon?

Daily Creativity: One Punch Man or Dragon?Daily Creativity: One Punch Man or Dragon?

One Punch Man is on Netflix finally! Just season one but it is glorious! It gets points from me for art style, going from almost no detail when Saitima isn’t fighting or energetic to total detail when he is in the zone and full on fighting.Points for pointing out tropes in anime and then subverting them. It gets points for it’s comedic timing. Points for character design and world buildings. It is just so much fun to watch. Tonight Tek wanted to see One Punch Dragon, Rory dressed as Saitima. I wanted the fist and the shopping bag included because I just adore his relaxed manor. Painted in watercolor on paper.

Daily Creativity: Venus

Daily Creativity: VenusDaily Creativity: Venus

Venus the second planet in our solar system may look uninteresting due to it’s cloud covering but using a radar photo I painted something between the texture of the surface and the clouds above. I’ve painted some of the planets before and eventually I will paint them all. This marks the latest installment of this series. I think this is an interesting planet, the surface is much like the oceans floor, with pressure of the bottom of the marianas trench and deadly atmosphere we have much less information about Venus as we do of Mars. I like painting the planets in watercolor, I think it gives them a luminosity that I wouldn’t be able to achieve with oil paint. Watercolor on paper.

Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Love Your Body, it’s not always easy but it is always rewarding. As the weather gets warmer I’m thinking of the beach and I used this photo as inspiration for today’s piece. Drawing fat people in bathing suits is fun for me and makes my soul feel good. This one I love because she is confidently approaching the water in a bikini (not a fatkini, or a suit designed to make her looks slimmer) and letting the sun hit as much of her skin as possible. There is a freedom to this, a radical act of self love in doing what many others wouldn’t think twice about. With campaigns against bodies like ours this kind of art is important to me and people like me. We deserve to enjoy the beach and we are glorious when we do it. Pencils on paper.

Daily Creativity: Shumatsu Dosa Ni is After Class Exercise Number Two

Daily Creativity: Shumatsu Dosa NiDaily Creativity: Shumatsu Dosa Ni

Shumatsu Dosa Ni is the last of the basic movements of Aikido, and this completes this series of line drawings. After Class Exercise Number Two in english, this movement is the basis of many Ni techniques. Ni techniques are when Uke (your partner) is pushing on you and you pivot 180° out of the way letting them follow their energy to unsuitability. When you are doing this exercise with a partner it is a blending exercise, but to really move your partner you must both push them around the pivot, and relax at the same time letting them push you. It’s confusing to explain, but it is needed so Uke continues with their energy, you get out of the way, and then you can move them where you want them. Normally that’s the ground or far far away. Ink on Paper

Daily Creativity: Hug the World, follow Rory’s example

Daily Creativity: Hug the World, follow Rory's exampleDaily Creativity: Hug the World, follow Rory’s example

Hug the world, we all need a hug right about now. How else can I show this than to have Rory do on paper what I can’t do in reality. I drew this with very soft colors, trying to make the two dimensional image feel softer. I used dark ink outlines to create a contrast for this softness to contain the form. Ink & Colored Pencils on Paper.

I thought I knew what I was going to draw tonight, I had a small training session with my sensei tonight. Five of us gathered to do a demonstration for some scouts who would get a martial arts badge for participating. They didn’t show up and it ended up being free mat time for us. After training I was talking to my sensei about my aikido drawings and how they make me think about the basic movements more in depth. I was sure I would complete my series when I got home.

Then I read the news. I won’t elaborate on my thoughts there (partially because I’m not sure of my thoughts) because this isn’t what this is about. I saw the reactions online and realized there are a lot of people and the whole world needing a hug right about now. It’s going to be hard, and reactions will test us. My hope is that we can react with kindness for each other and to not mistake our friends as enemies. We are hurting, and people do strange things when they hurt. Be like Rory, Hug the World.