MPAT 12 Days Of Podcasting: Day 6 Battle Royal

The 12 days of podcasting is a mini challenge, taken on by some crazy podcasters, promising to podcast 12 days in the month of December. Why? Maybe to rekindle the fire? Or maybe to prove to themselves that they can do it…. Their reasons for doing it are completely their own.

Episode 6: Masterpiece “Car” Audio Theater- Battle Royal

In this sixth installment of the 12 days of podcasting, an abbreviated MPAT crew shares  their thoughts on  Battle Royale, written by: Koushun Takami and Yuji Oniki (translator), narrated by: Mark Dacascos.





Media Review: Written by a Kid

Most of my readers will be familiar with the Geek & Sundry youtube channel, if you’ve not watched shows on it you’ve had your friends break out a new game they heard about on tabletop or your mother asked you about that steampunk thing you like that Felicia Day vloged about on the FLOG (because of course your mother is just that cool).

When Tabz told me to check out Written by a Kid though, I had my doubts.  I don’t have kids, and while I like kids books and am a bit of a kid myself, I’m often less than impressed by projects focused around ‘They say the darndest things.’  This is anything but that.  They interview a kit, the kid tells them the idea for a story and as the viewer hears about the story we see a visual representation of this story.  Whether it be animation, live action, a mix of both, or played by Joss Whedon and Dave Foley, it’s always fun to see.

You could watch this with your child, or just on your own and get a lot out of it.  Evil robot families, goth babies, a S.Q.U.A.T. team, half vampires taking out pirate witches, what’s not to love?  In addition to the main movies/stories the behind the scenes videos are really interesting.  Normally, I skip behind the scenes videos on youtube, it’s a lot more extra than content, but on this channel they talk about things that are interesting to me, animation, how they got Joss Whedon to perform, painted clothing (I really want to make some and wear it for real), different video effects and a Buffy Mustache.

Enough of me blabbing, go, watch the videos.  Oh and it’s work safe, kid safe and everything safe :)

PS: thanks Tabz for being right again about something I thought sounded like it wasn’t my cup of tea but in the end was right up my alley.