Nuchtchas featured on Modern Creative Life – Through the Lens

Modern Creative LifeNuchtchas featured on Modern Creative Life – Through the Lens

I was asked to write a piece about my art for the site Modern Creative Life. It took me almost a year to actually write this piece. I’m extremely anxious about writing. I used to write a lot, for me, for role play, for fun. I have won three NaNoWriMos yet I never published much. I am not a writer. I’m a visual artist but I can’t find words to express myself well. Each time I post something I know I am not saying what I mean to say. Every comment, every tweet, everything I write these days I worry over.

This piece went well, I think. I think I needed that year to formulate my thoughts. I hadn’t written an artist statement in years, but this time I got to blend my activism with my art. I was able to talk about why this art is so important to me.

I show cased a lot of different pieces in this one, two of which the originals have been claimed/sold already. Two in the last week. When my Love Your Body pieces sell I’m always shocked and touched. I do these for me, so when they mean something to others it matters in a new way.

Please read the whole piece on Modern Creative Life, and let me know what you think.

Nuchtchas interviewed by the BiCast

Nuchtchas joins the BiCast to talk about podcasting

Nuchtchas talks podcasting with the BiCastNutty Nuchtchas joins Lynnette on the BiCast. They talk about the podcasting community and how to use it for activism.

Some key topics they hit on are how you don’t need money to start podcasting. How little tech you need to start. Some good ways to get started, by contributing to existing podcasts. Podcasting your passion will always be fulfilling and successful, podcasting to make money or gain notoriety will lead to failure. The podcasting community is a loving and helpful community, when you start you will have some mistakes and things to learn from, reach out to podcasters to learn. Feedback and reviews are podcaster’s gold.

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(Epic) Episode 78: Push the Button

EPIC! CHSR Push the ButtonNuchtchas and Tek on (Epic) Episode 78: Push the Button

Would you push the button?
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Nutty Bites 79: Holiday Movies w/Epic & The Weird Show!

Nutty Bites 79: Holiday MoviesHoliday Movies

Nuchtchas and Tek are joined by Marc and Mark (encaf1) of Epic and The Weird Show to talk about Holiday movies. They discuss the best and the worst of holiday films and even mention a few TV shows that have had some great specials. What’s your favorite? Let us know!



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xpost: The Geek Side of Life ep #34 – Live From Balticon – A Song of Ice and Fire: What’s the End Game?

A Song of Ice and Fire Hardcover

Reposted from The Geek Side of Life: Live from Balticon 49! This is a panel discussion titled A Song of Ice and Fire: What’s the End Game? It featured Jay Buechler, Christiana Ellis, Nutty Nuchtchas and Jeff Young. SPOILER WARNING: Do not listen to this episode if you have not read all five books in the series and you care about being surprised.

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