Daily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys Easter

Daily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys EasterDaily Creativity: Chocolate Bunny Delight, Rory Enjoys Easter

Who doesn’t like a chocolate bunny? Rory loves them. Concluding this year’s lent I finish with a pice of the world’s cutest dragon enjoying the spoils that often we avoid during lent. Growing up we always had a really good chocolate bunny in our basket. It was something that was a big treat because it was always fine chocolate. Unlike our Christmas Santa, this bunny wasn’t hollow either. The question always was, do you eat it all on Easter? Or do you savor it over time? A word to the wise, don’t savor too long, opened chocolate goes bad. Plus there is the added risk of a sibling finding where you hid your candy and eating it on you. With 8 siblings, this was always a danger. I chose to savor though, and often too long and had to throw away turned chocolate. At least the jelly beans were plentiful. Markers and Ink on Bristol.

Daily Creativity: Heinrich Hertz

Today is Ash Wednesday and that marks the beginning of Lent for us Catholics.  For any of my new readers since last year, let me explain what that means for this blog.  Often for lent people give things up, that doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t make me feel closer to God at all, instead I take something on.  Every day of lent I MUST do one “Daily Creativity”, one creative work of art.  Then I post it with a little bit about the piece on this blog.  I also make sure that every day in March I do this for “Art Month”, since this year lent and art month coincide it’s  no extra work and 40 days of daily creativity.

Today while looking for inspiration I opened up google to find a google doodle in honor of Heinrich Hertz, so I decided to do his portrait.  I must say, he died young but gave science to much.