Daily Creativity: Love Your Body

Daily Creativity: Love Your BodyDaily Creativity: Love Your Body

Love Your Body series gains another submission. I drew a line art piece from this photo. I like how this piece came out with the line drawing. I hope to evoke the curves of the body to celebrate the form of this figure. Like the other figures I have done in this style I may save for a watercolor too. Ink on paper.

Daily Creativity: Kamae

Daily Creativity: KamaeDaily Creativity: Kamae

Kamae is the stance that all of aikido is based on. In this drawing I plotted out the angles to create the proper stance, and then drew in the lines hoping to evoke the movement that was about to happen. Tek said he’d like to see other stances and some techniques in this style. I was inspired by the day’s teaching at the kenshu. Ink on paper.

Daily Creativity: Orphan Black Chibis

Orphan Black Chibis - Daily CreativityI love Orphan Black, and the new season is right around the corner. In anticipation I drew the clone club as cute chibis. I know that they aren’t all the right size, for some reason the center ladies are shorter than the outside ladies, and that’s just me not planning the composition out well.

I wanted to keep this strictly black and white, which mikes things interesting considering how many of the clones wear dark colors. So I was a bit creative with lines.

5×7 Ink on paper

If you’re looking for a podcast for this awesome show check out Clone Dance Party

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Daily Creativity: Frog Princess

Frog Princess - ink & quill
I did another ink and quill piece tonight, a frog princess. I just love the contrast and how well the image pops. I think it looks a million times better IRL (as do most of these) but it scans pretty well by comparison.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I adore frogs. I collect them (not live ones, just figurines and toys) before I had a love for dragons I had a love for frogs (and they are related a bit). I don’t know if my parents chose this for me, or if I just loved Kermit too much… all I know is that as long as I can remember I have been frog crazy.

Cute story, my father used to wake me up with the line from Andy’s Gang, “Plunk your magic twanger! Hiya kids, hiya, hiya” you know, when he wasn’t pouring water on me because I sleep like the dead.