Daily Creativity: Rory Grock Spock

Daily Creativity: Rory Grock SpockDaily Creativity: Rory Grock Spock

Yesterday I got a crayola marker kit with 100 different colored markers. Now these are cheap markers but they have so many colors!!! So what do I test them out on? Not my adult coloring book that I bought them for, nope, by drawing a picture of Rory as if he were at a con wearing an I Grock Spock shirt.  Because there are so many colors I could use a lot to create depth where I just don’t have enough marker colors to do with my really expensive markers.

Of course I also used the wrong paper, but it was fun. I have this note book with unbleached paper that is super textured and I end up using it a lot even though it’s not right for a lot of projects. I just like the book. I’m pretty happy with how this came out though, he’s so cute.