Nutty Bites 113: Cosplay!

Nutty Bites 113: Cosplay!

Nutty Bites 113: Cosplay!Cosplay is something near and dear to our hearts. In honor of halloween Nuchtchas & Tek got together with Health & Angela and talked about their combined passions in costuming. They discuss the highs and lows of the community and the pure joy of the play in the art.

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Red Dwarf Introcast Returning for Series XII

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Nutty Bites Dog Days 20: Nutty chats with Heath & Angela about Cosplay and Dragon*Con

CoverArtDD1520Nutty chats with Heath & Angela about Cosplay and Dragon*Con.



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The Clockwork Doc makes the top ten list

A good friend, Robin of mine just started bloging for the DVice website, her first article was on costuming so she asked about steampunk, which of course lead her to Tek’s Clockwork Doctor costume.

Click here for the article

If you click through the costumes you will find the description and how each person made their costume, some have more detail then others.  (Tek always likes to say, he glued himself to himself five times with three different substances while making the costume)

Please take a look at the whole article, there are some really cool costumes there other then Tek’s, including some nifty Dr Who ones.

Leave a comment too, this is Robin’s first article there and I think she did a great job.  Make sure you let her know you like articles about people who make their own costumes.