Nutty Bites 95: Awesome in 2017?

Nutty Bites 95: Awesome in 2017Nutty Bites 95: Awesome in 2017?

Instead of focusing on all the negativity, Nuchtchas, Tek, John, Melanie, and Carlos gathered to talk about what they are looking forward to and what’s awesome in 2017. Have a listen as we talk about movies, TV, cons, and everything else we hope will be cool coming out in 2017.

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Links: John’s Amazon Author Page, Carlos’s portfolio, Resurrection Cast, A Grand Tour of Stars Hallow, Upside Down and Flying, Balticon


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3 thoughts on “Nutty Bites 95: Awesome in 2017?

  1. Hi, Nutty! This isn’t about this episode but I’m don’t do Facebook (I know!) so this seemed like the best place to say it. I liked all your guest spots on the Red Dwarf Introcast and decided to check out this podcast and have been listening to stuff I missed. Great stuff!

    However… the Oct 30th 2014 episode “Nerd Rage!” is totally not there! It’s just gone, as though a billion nerds screamed out in rage and were suddenly silenced. It did say there to email if there was a problem with it and ‘not existing’ seems like a pretty big problem, but that was ages ago and I didn’t know if the email would still be correct, hence this rambling here. It does sound fun and I hope it hasn’t gone the way of all those old Doctor Who episodes.

    I never know how to finish these sort of comments. Happy newish year!

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