Nutty Bites 115: Intro to Ghibli – Spirited Away

Nutty Bites 115: Intro to Ghibli – Spirited AwayNutty Bites 115: Intro to Ghibli - Spirited Away

Spirited Away was in theatres this month, Nuchtchas and Tek took the advantage of being able to see this film for the first time on the big screen. Jason’s favorite Ghibli movie did not disappoint. Also, it has an actual ending!!!! Plus we are talking about cosplay opportunities. Next up is Howl’s Moving Castle.

Ghibli Cast Rating SystemIntro to Ghibli, a new regular segment of Nutty Bites and the Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast. Jen & Jason guide newbies Nuchtchas & Tek through the movies of Studio Ghibli.

Links to the Ghibli Cast Scoring & Viewing Order.

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