Dog Days of Advent 2017 Episode 11 White Christmas

For the Dog Days of advent, Mpat will be doing a Christmas Carol a day, done by various cast members. Join us for the fun!! In the eleventh episode we’ve done White Christmas.

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Nutty Bites: 12 Days of Podcasting 03 White Christmas

Nutty Bites 12 days of podcasting 03 white christmasNutty Bites: 12 Days of Podcasting 03 White Christmas

10 Days to Christmas and I want to know if you think if we need a White Christmas? If so, how white, because I think I have enough white to cover a dozen christmases.

Along with some of the Dog Days of Podcasting people I’m podcasting for 12 days to celebrate the holiday season. To subscribe to all of the 12 Days Podcasts just add this feed to your favorite podcatcher/app.


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