Nuchtchas featured on Modern Creative Life – Through the Lens

Modern Creative LifeNuchtchas featured on Modern Creative Life – Through the Lens

I was asked to write a piece about my art for the site Modern Creative Life. It took me almost a year to actually write this piece. I’m extremely anxious about writing. I used to write a lot, for me, for role play, for fun. I have won three NaNoWriMos yet I never published much. I am not a writer. I’m a visual artist but I can’t find words to express myself well. Each time I post something I know I am not saying what I mean to say. Every comment, every tweet, everything I write these days I worry over.

This piece went well, I think. I think I needed that year to formulate my thoughts. I hadn’t written an artist statement in years, but this time I got to blend my activism with my art. I was able to talk about why this art is so important to me.

I show cased a lot of different pieces in this one, two of which the originals have been claimed/sold already. Two in the last week. When my Love Your Body pieces sell I’m always shocked and touched. I do these for me, so when they mean something to others it matters in a new way.

Please read the whole piece on Modern Creative Life, and let me know what you think.