Nutty Bites: 12 Days of Podcasting 12 Epiphany

Nutty Bites: 12 Days of Podcasting 12 EpiphanyNutty Bites: 12 Days of Podcasting 12 Epiphany

1 Day to Christmas? Wait 0 days to Christmas, my counting is off. It’s Christmas!!! So I’m going to talk about the real Christmas, my Christmas, Epiphany. My family is weird so we celebrate Epiphany more than we celebrate Christmas. In this last episode I tell you all about it and Tek recalls his own introduction to some of these weird family customs.

Along with some of the Dog Days of Podcasting people I’m podcasting for 12 days to celebrate the holiday season. To subscribe to all of the 12 Days Podcasts just add this feed to your favorite podcatcher/app.


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Daily Creativity: Celtic Circles

Daily Creativity: Celtic CirclesDaily Creativity: Celtic Circles

I painted this back in December but couldn’t share it until later because it was part of an Epiphany present for my brother. He’s very connected to celtic imagery so I thought this would be a neat idea. When I was drawing this I was trying to get the two circles to look like they were orbiting each other. It’s a bit abstract, but to me this is my brother and his wife, they are perfect for each other, they share their celtic activities and I wanted to express that in a symbolic way. I highly doubt anyone would see that in this image, not even him. This is a watercolor mixed with a bit of ink outlining.

Nutty Bites 12 Part I: December

I <3 Epiphany

Yes it’s pretty late in the month and I’m just getting to December, but I got a lot of content here for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Show Notes:

What’s awesome in the month of December?

  • Tek is home
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Epiphany
  • So much, whew…

What I’m Listening to?

I heard it on twitter

  • Black Bread Recipe

What I’m reading

  • Comics!
  • Sherlock Holmes Stories


(347) NUTTY42 or (347) 688-8942

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Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, have a great Festivus (for the rest of us), and have a wonderful Gratefulus day!

Yes Chanukah started six days ago, if you follow me on social media you read my well wishes.  I thought I would share once more how my family celebrates the holidays, just because it’s fun and I found it easier to write the tale down so I can reshare it every year.  (This year I got to add some new people to the comic :) YAY I love getting new family)

The 12th day of Christmas