Nutty Bites 97: Fan Stereotypes

Nutty Bites 97: Fan Stereotypes!

Nutty Bites 97: Fan Stereotypes!Fan Stereotypes can be divisive and insulting, they can be wrong, and sometimes they can be dead on. Nuchtchas, Tek, Jen, & Jason talk about Fan Stereotypes and how crazy they can be. They also list a few things that can just go away with these stereotypes.

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3 thoughts on “Nutty Bites 97: Fan Stereotypes

  1. Hi Nuchtas! Greetings from the forg bound streets orf auld Englande, where flickering gaslights are passed by red double decker busses and I greet you with a “Gor blimey mate I am so dreadfully awfully glad to make your aquaintance. Cup of tea?”
    I was going to start commenting here regularly in the hope that others would join in, but left it too long and forgot what I was going to say… So, good idea for a debate. Stereotypes are one of the most annoying things. I’m a man with long hair and this has been a thing since the late sixties. That’s fifty years for people to stop calling every single man with long hair ‘Jesus’! Seriously, everyone else in the world , it’s getting old. Stop doing it. It’s taken me fifteen years living in this area to get people (actually, it’s just men and boys) to stop doing it. I even respectfully talked to a couple of teenagers and asked them if they had any idea how old that comment was… They actually liked me and just thought of it and it never occured to them that a few thousand people may have thought of it previously. It’s like going up to a tall person and mentioning basketball. How do thry know what Jesus looked like anyway? Do they have photos? Sorry. Long hair guy rant done!

    So the actual podcast: I thought Coleman was Coleman’s the purveyors of hot English mustard and was briefly confused, but figured it out eventually.

    I am only able to drive a Sinclair C5 due to seat design, so all of this talk of relationships between car awesomeness and penis size flies right past me.

    If I have sex with someone while we read Lord of the Rings does it have to be the whole thing? That would take ages and we may get sore throats! Is one book per session permissable? Can we stop for snacks whenever the characters do? Couldn’t we just read the Hobbit? Or sing a Tom Bombadil song?

    I apologise for the smuttiness, but I’m just responding to the podcast! It did add to my understanding of Tolkien though.

    “One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

    Is that sanitary? Or desirable? Or possible?

    ‘Well, actually’… I cringed. I got pulled up on saying this a few years ago and went into a flashback of me saying it, a lot. It went faster and faster and turned into a blur… I’m too scared to say it again. This is the first time I’ve even written it in years.

    Game chat. I thought the point of that was so thirteen year old boys could call each other gay. (Missed stereotype!)

    I wasn’t a Trekkie, but did live in my parent’s attic. This surpassed the basement geek lair as the floor was actually painted green for wargaming! Attic geeks know where our towels are.

    Tec’s observation that sports fans are geeks knocked me back a bit. He’s right! They even spend cash to cosplay as their favourite team and go to live recordings!

    There was some talk of fairweather sports fans. That’s a pet hate of mine. When I was a kid and other kids would try to get me into football (soccer), I would ask them what team they supported and they would say “Liverpool”. I would ask why, as we lived in Peterborough and not Liverpool and have our own team and they would respond, “But Peterborough are in the bottom division and Liverpool are the best!” Really! So, this is a sport where the battling underdog means nothing and the sole point of the game is who wins? They lost me! Why not just wait until the game is over and you know who won so you can be sure to cheer the right side, eh?

    The “Well…. I wish I had that much time on my hands!” thing is fair. They are clearly Tolkien fans in relationships.

    Have fun!

  2. I forgot. I was going to post last month, but my fandom of one is Lexx. Why does nobody know of this show?

  3. I’m so sad I never saw this post, I’m so sorry but I just noticed I have been missing notifications on comments and thought no one was commenting. This feedback is amazing!

    As a Mets fan I feel you on the fair weather fans. But really, I’m not nearly as fanatical of the Mets as I am of geek fandoms. I’m a met fan because I’m from long island and they play here (queens, but it’s still on the island).

    I think knowing about well actually can make it easier when you address, yeah I’m doing the thing, but I don’t mean to undermine you. Like many things, being aware of a situation or behavior can change the application.

    Also I wish I could hear your opening lines on this comment in your accent :)

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