Nutty Bites 91: Fictional Families w/Tee & Pip

Nutty Bites 91: Fictional Families w/Tee & PipNutty Bites 91: Fictional Families

Fictional Families are everywhere, Nuchtchas, Tek, Tee Morris, & Pip Ballantine talk about their favorites and The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh. From the Adams Family to the Jetsons to the crew of Firefly or Moya, families are what make fiction compelling. Families bring you back for more. You may cry over the ending of the Wonder Years because you are reminded too much of your own family, or run from Malcolm in the Middle because it is all too familiar. In space, in our world, the wizarding world, or protecting America, families keep us hooked into these characters and warm our hearts. Even if it’s vampires fighting over the bloody dishes, we can’t help but relate. What is your favorite fictional family? Tell us in the comments or send in feedback.

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