Nutty Bites 24: Nutty Debate – Fantasical Worlds Part I

“Wait a second?  Why is this episode number 24? It went from episode 12 to 24?  How did that happen?”

Let me explain, see for the first year of Nutty Bites I only gave episode numbers to the “monthly episodes” but I produced a lot more than that, so I went back and counted all of my monthly, fiction, bonus and debate episodes (anything that was a part II didn’t get counted) and came up with this number.  From here on out I will be counting the episodes in a more logical way.

Star Trek has the best fictional reality of all

This month I brought together Nobilis Reed (of Nobilis Erotica), Chris Morse (of Super Villain Corner), Michael Corley (of Vox in a Box) and Julien DeCorin (of Chemically Inspired) to discuss what Fantatical World we’d like to live in.

Places we’d want to live in:


  • Lifestyle Jazz
  • 2 Scooners Podcast


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