Nutty Bites: 12 Days of Podcasting 07 Christmas Specials

Nutty Bites: 12 Days of Podcasting 07 Christmas SpecialsNutty Bites: 12 Days of Podcasting 07 Christmas Specials

6 Days to Christmas and I’m talking about Christmas Specials. Those holiday feel good made for TV movies or just your regular favorite show doing a christmas episode. Some will stay with you for life, like the Muppets, and others you forget in a blink. I think in the classic form of escapism they give us what we all want, a warm feeling of love around this holiday, and for many of us these specials are the only place we’ll find it.

Along with some of the Dog Days of Podcasting people I’m podcasting for 12 days to celebrate the holiday season. To subscribe to all of the 12 Days Podcasts just add this feed to your favorite podcatcher/app.


(347) NUTTY42 or (347) 688-8942

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