Nutty Bites 110: Frail Masculinity with Grig Larson & Jason Banks

Nutty Bites 110: Frail Masculinity

Nutty Bites 110: Frail Masculinity Frail Masculinity is a topic that Jason wanted to talk about ever since someone came into his store and said he couldn’t play a game as a female character. Nuchtchas brought Grig Larson & Tek on to create a panel of men who are annoyed with the influence of this sort of toxic behavior. Together we discussed how this idea of malehood is false and damaging and how there is no right way or wrong way to be a man.

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PIY 2017 in Phoenix Arizona October 28, 2017

Recorded at NIMLAS Studios
Post Editing:  Nuchtchas
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Hosts: NuchtchasTekJason, Grig
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