Nutty Bites 101: ONE PUNCH MAN!

Nutty Bites 101: ONE PUNCH MAN!Nutty Bites 101: ONE PUNCH MAN!

One Punch Man is such an awesome anime and manga that we had to talk about it. Nuchtchas, Tek, Jason, & Mike talk about what makes One Punch Man better than Superman, the difference between the anime and the manga, the sweet music, and everything else One Punch!

This is also Mike’s first time on the podcast so give him a warm welcome.

I also thanks all the patrons who made this episode possible. If you’d like to contribute go to my Patreon Page and donate to the show and next month I’ll be thanking you. I read the names at the beginning of this episode, I am still getting a feel for how this patreon thing is working. Let me know if you like it at the beginning of the show, or the end? Thanks!



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