Daily Creativity: RWBY Tribute

RWBY tribute team NTJR (Nutty, Tek, Jason, Rory)Daily Creativity: RWBY Tribute

I love the show RWBY, if you don’t know how much, listen to this podcast episode where along with the Talk Nerdy 2 Me Podcast we discuss it in depth. Tonight Tek and I watched the Volume 3 finale, actually we watched the last three episodes of volume 3. It was so full of feels I must admit I was crying during the finale. Jason has been urging Tek and I to complete the series so we could talk about it. We barely touched on it, but we did discuss our counterparts in the show. Meet team NTJR (someone make up the team word for me please?) We all agree that with Velvet’s box weapon that power is defiantly my power.  Tek is the cyborg general, and Jason is a variation of Flint (we had to replace his trumpet with a cast iron skillet. Rory of course is a Grimm.

I had some difficulty with this piece. At first I was going to draw us all in a battle pose, but that was very tricky. One, fitting everything on one page and still keeping it a daily creativity. What I was planning would have ended up being a many day if not longer project. Another issue was turning Velvet into me. The character is not just slim, almost all of the characters are tiny, but she is one of the few who lacks curves. I am full of curves, I’m all curves. I’m fat, and round, and curvy, and not Velvet’s shape. So figuring that out with her battle costume was tricky. Her Beacon uniform would have been easier. I had it mostly down when I got the notion to do the four split screen image idea that the RWBY logo has.  Once I decided to go with that, everything got easier.

All told though I spent more hours on this than most Daily Creativity projects. Still, I’m happy with it, and it’s very personal to me. Sure, it’s fan art for an Anime, but it’s also a great story, and something I share with the friends in this piece.

5×7 colored pencils and ink on paper.

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