MPAT 12 Days Of Podcasting: Day 3 The Rider

The 12 days of podcasting is a mini challenge, taken on by some crazy podcasters, promising to podcast 12 days in the month of December. Why? Maybe to rekindle the fire? Or maybe to prove to themselves that they can do it…. Their reasons for doing it are completely their own.


Episode 3 of Master Piece “Car” Audio theater. 

In this third installment of the the Twelve Days of Podcastingan abbreviated MPAT crew shares their thoughts on The Rider: Galactic Football League Novellas, Book 4Written by: Scott Sigler and Paul E. CooleyNarrated by: Scott Sigler.



Nutty Bites 75: Talky Talk

CoverArt75In this episode of Nutty Bites Nuchtchas talks about Balticon, Aikido, Feedback, Scott Sigler’s ALIVE and the book signing she went to, Nutty Chats, and the Dog Days of Podcasting project.



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Part 3 of A Ballistics Guide for Geeks, Writers, and Geeky Writers: Stability and Recoil

Welcome back all!  In last week’s episode we talked about external ballistics, and the forces that affect a projectile in flight.  We also talked about those same projectiles flying around on Mars, in outer space, and on planets made of bubblegum.  This week we’ll discuss stability of a projectile, and the things we can do to limit the effect those forces have on the projectile’s flight.

So what can we do to help them out? obviously we want to hit our target and Mother Nature (or other resident natural deity on whatever sci-fi world you’re writing) is doing her damnedest to make sure we miss.  We have to find some way stabilizing our projectile, to make it less susceptible to outside forces.  Here’s what would happen if we fired a projectile with no means of improving stability, as it flies, minute disturbances and inequalities in forces applied cause it to tumble.  This video comes from YouTube user vidaday, and is awesome.


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