Nutty Bites 42: What can’t you get your friends into?

CoverArt42Tek, The Clockwork Doctor, The XerialKiller, and I get together to discuss what fandoms and franchises we can’t get people into & what we can’t get into.

What can’t you get people into:

  • A Song of Ice an Fire (now known as Game of Thrones)
  • Wrestling
  • Warhammer (Die orcs die, pew, pew, pew)
  • Sherlock Holmes (the books)
  • Misfits
  • Supernatural (yes, some people won’t watch this show)
  • Xena (and other camp shows like this)
  • Bruce Campbell Movies
  • Space Above and Beyond
  • Firefly (yes believe it or not)
  • Robot Chicken
  • Metalocalypse
  • Other 15-30 minute cartoons written for adults
  • The League
  • B5
  • Hex
  • Archer

Cant get into:

  • Lost
  • BSG
  • 24
  • Prison Break
  • Survivor
  • Jersey Shore
  • Reality TV
  • mainstream one hour dramas
  • V
  • South Park
  • Family Guy
  • Farscape
  • Doctor Who
  • Alien Nation
  • Space Rangers
  • Earth Final Conflict
  • Earth 2
  • S#!* My Dad Says

Things we were dragged into liking:

  • A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Misfits
  • X-Files
  • Doctor Who
  • The League


  • April Fiend’s Day
    • Garaaga’s Children: Ancients Preorder – by Paul E Cooley (ebook/print)

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Thankful Thursday: LIZ!

Nothing can beat the Queen of the Trolls, an asian inspired steampunk assassin and a dragon dressed as Captain HammerA good friend of mine, Liz, writes a blog called A Bowl of Stew(art) and every week on Thursday she posts about someone she is thankful for.  I have even been featured there as someone she is thankful.  I always look forward to this post every week, it’s a fun way to see into her life and the different people she meets that make life fantastic.  As I like to focus on the AWESOME, I decided it was only fitting to steal this custom from her.  So of course my first official “Thankful Thursday” should feature Liz.

I first met Liz when I decided to start my first NaNoWriMo back in 2010 (was it only two years ago?  Feels like longer).  She was (and still is) the organizer of the Wolfeville Wrimos in Nova Scotia.  Thanks to that experience and the huge feeling of being welcome and invited into this group that Liz provided me with, a lot about my life changed.  I met many other great people through that group and got involved in a lot of activities and local events.  It actually made much sadder to leave Nova Scotia because I would be leaving Liz and all of those great people.

Liz runs more than just the NaNoWriMo group, she runs “Best Word” which is the local writing group that meets all year round.  There are two regular meetings a month, first is a writing challenge meeting where we write and work on a theme for the month.  The second is a share meeting where we share what we’ve written and compete for a prize (an old book that is dry and boring but we add to it with writing and doodles).

Liz is also a youth pastor so we have had many a discussion on theology and been able to talk about a lot of things that many people I know just won’t discuss.  She has an open mind and a loving heart that helps when discussing something as polarizing as religion.  I’ve visited her church a few times, got to hear her preach and went down with the kids and participated in the activities she plans for them.  When I see someone doing what I consider is their calling, it impresses me and makes me feel good.  I love watching Liz at work.

Of course she wins my heart when she loves my dragon as much as I doLiz is a lover of Dragons and of course loves Rory.  She wrote about Farwin, the dragon in her NaNoWriMo novel (and who I just love).  She squees over dragon items just as I do and has even made dragon inspired crafts (love the tiles she painted at ClayGround).

Liz loves board games, sadly I lived a touch too far to set up board game nights with her.  She is a knitter and makes cute little crafts and is often found with knitting needles in hand, and perhaps one behind her ear.  She loves local music and can be found supporting local artists.  She can also be found at the weekly Farmer’s Market buying local food.  She is a browncoat and an all around geek, I remember when she found out I had not only seen Firefly but also considered myself a browncoat she danced (she does that a lot) because she had someone to talk about her fandom with.

This past year, even though I had moved out of the province, I kept contact with my friends and planned to return for HalCon, we had a blast of course and you can see at the top of this post how Liz and I battled a Dalek.  Not even a Dalek can defeat the Queen of the Trolls!  (She was cosplaying as a character from Mark Oakley’s comic Thieves’ and Kings) We had so much fun we were talking about our costumes for the following year before the con was even over.

After HalCon I stayed over for a writing group meeting and then returned later in the month for a write all night event.  While I got less writing done thanks to the travel, returning for the event was well worth it because I got to see my friends again and I really didn’t want to leave.

INo one can eat a strawberry like Liz can... maybe Kaylee from firefly‘m thankful to Liz for sparking my writing, for making me feel at home in Nova Scotia, for being a great friend and a fantastic geek.  I’m thankful that even though I have left Nova Scotia I still have her in my life and always will.  She makes me smile and happy that there are people like her on this earth.  (Sorry if this sounds sappy to you, this is what Thankful Thursday is all about, me being sappy)

Nutty Bites: Episode 06 for the month of June

F.E.T.I.D.U.S.What’s awesome in the month of June
Itunes reviews:
Cool beans *****
by Baron Of Hell
Normally I don’t like one person shows. The one person show tends ot miss that special back and forth you get with mutiple people. However, I really dig this show. Oddly enough I heard about it from scifi dig which is another one person show that is great. Well anyway this lady likes to talk about mostly geeky stuff that I like. She also did a drama a scifi audio drama on one episode which was great. I just wish the show came out more often but she is on other podcasts. She host the digger chats on scifi dig podcast which are all kinds of goodness. But back to this podcast. The single best thing that shines out above all others is the passion Nachos has for her love. Rarely do you find such fire in a show. You can tell she is doing something she loves. Sorry for the horrible grammer.

Gettin yer Geek On *****
by Doug Rapson
A great fusion of all the things geeks love. The conversation of Twitter. Fantastical fiction. Awesome entertainment on the big and small screen. Its all here. Nuchtchas brings an infectious joy to any topic she shares with her ‘assorted nuts’. From time to time we’re also treated to debates from inefectual sci-fi characters to a stroll through the best of the Bat-Verse. If I have any complaint its that we don’t get episodes nearly often enough(for the most part, content pops up in the feed once a month). But that’s a good thing, right ? Leave us wanting more. If you can keep yourself from withdrawl fits, you owe it to yourself to check out The Nutty Bites podcast !


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