Nutty Bites: August

A little late, but hopefully just as awesome :)

What’s awesome in the month of August? [didn’t make it into the cast] Harpy Birthday drawing by Opopanax! Love it! (also, my birthday was awesome)
Pumpkin Bread Irene, not so awesome. DragonCant very awesome (check out my panel)
Local Metal Shows, Kill Matilda and the Nailheads
Freddie Mercury Google Doodle
X-Men Parady song by Michael Vox

What I’m Listening to?
Mainlined Double Share and Captain’s Share by Nathan Lowell
Baker Street Babes
Consulting Sherlock
Still Flying
Tabz and Lisa get lost

The Shared Desk

I heard it on twitter
(FB Group, Flash Mob) Jessica May I too am allergic to many nuts… and veggies, and fruit. But my Dr. has approved as much Nutty Nuchtchas as I like. :p
Star Trek Cookies
Klingon Happy Birthday
French Review of Nutty Bites byLuLuBizou
[didn’t make it into the cast, but still freaking awesome, also, there are swear words in this] True Story about buying clothes they don’t fit because they don’t fit anyone. Alter your clothes to look hawt
Ten Rules for Fat Girls, by CrazyBeautiful

What I’m reading

What I’m watching
Second Series of Misfits
Second Season of the League

Art Happenings?
Seekrit project

(347) NUTTY42 or (347) 688-8942

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6 thoughts on “Nutty Bites: August

  1. they are disgusting in Canada, in the US they are sugar candies, like sweet tarts only not tart and wrapped in a tube, they look like little pills and taste so good

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